Each quality of rice is perfect for different use, generally:
- the common rices are better for soups and dessetrs
- SEMIFINO for hors d'oeuvres, white rices, single corse, supplì, timbales, SARTU’
- The FINI and SUPERFINI for risotto and with other courses.

The ideal portion for each person is around 50 and 100 grams. It depens, for which kind of course you wish to prepare.
Usually you can use: 50 grans for soup, 70 grams as accompaning corse or , as in Orient or in Anglo-Saxon countries, to be used instead of the bred and crakers. 100 grams for main corse or single courses.
An hectogram of rice provides about 350 calories.
Rice is kept ready when AMILACEA substance in the granis is GELATINIZZATA for 75%, this mutation ends in 13 and 20 minutes.

For the boiled rice the coking time is about:
- Common rice12-13 minutes
- SEMIFINO rice 13-15 minutes
- FINO rice 14-16 minutes
- SUPERFINO rice 16-18 minutes

Here some recipes to taste better our rice:

- Salades and hors d'oeuvres
- Singles courses and as accompaning
- Main courses
- Desserts
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